When to See a Pediatrician

Royal Oak Pediatric Associates' Dr. Anita Henley offers Marion and Abingdon, VA, and the neighboring communities access to pediatric care. But, you may wonder when you should bring your child into the office or if it's something you can manage at home. Here's a list of some examples. We also advise you to bring your kid in anytime you're worried and feel like it's something that he or she won't get over or is suffering needlessly from.

Is in Need of a Yearly Exam

One of the most common times to bring your child into our Marion, VA, office to see our pediatrician is when your kid is due for a yearly exam. At this visit, our practitioner can evaluate your child for any problems and intervene early. It's also a time to get your little one caught up on any vaccinations and ensure any chronic conditions he or she has been managed properly. At this visit, our pediatrician can also answer any of the questions you have and will provide you with advice on keeping your kid healthy.

Doesn't Feel Well

If you notice your child has a fever, isn't able to keep any food or water down, is overly fatigued, or is generally not feeling well, you may want to bring your child into our office. Our practitioner can also help if your child has a rash, is having difficulty breathing, or is experiencing any other issues that you're concerned about. We can either provide treatment or at least recommendations to keep your little one as healthy as possible as he or she tries to recover. 

Needs a COVID Test 

Anytime your child is exposed to COVID or you worry he or she may have contracted it, you can come into our office for a test. We can read the results and provide you with the latest guidelines for quarantining, etc. And if your child has symptoms, we can educate you on how to combat them. 

Sustained an Injury 

At our office, our doctor can help with a variety of injuries. So if your child falls or injures him or herself in another way, our practitioner can provide treatment. It could be an air cast, crutches, a sling, or an ointment or cream. But, in some cases, it may be advice on how to recover to the best of his or her ability and how to avoid an injury in the future. 

When you bring your child to see our pediatrician, Dr. Henley, at Royal Oak Pediatric Associates, your little one can receive a routine exam or treatment for an injury or illness. 

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