By Royal Oak Pediatric Associates
February 23, 2022
Category: Children's Health
Tags: Behavioral Health  

Mental health concerns in children are a more common concern than previously considered. Many adults often come forward to discuss their difficulty in dealing with undiagnosed disorders from childhood. It is why it's important to monitor your child's behavioral health at home just as it is their physical, and with the help of their Marion, VA, pediatrician these concerns can be diagnosed and treated. Learn more by reaching out to Dr. Anita Henley, Dr. Leesa Lawrence, and Dr. Tara Etter of Royal Oak Pediatric Associates.

Physical Changes

Physical changes are typically the most easily noticeable and can often have a behavior reason as the cause. But whether it is a physical or behavioral malady that could be to blame your child's pediatrician will be able to help.

If your child is constantly complaining of headaches or stomachaches, these symptoms can be a result of new sources of stress. Something may in turn lead to loss of sleep that in turn could bring on other physical ailments.

Similarly, if you notice in your children a loss of appetite, weight loss, or perhaps sudden weight gain, there might be a cause for concern.

Behavioral Changes

Children, as they grow, may experience behavioral changes that are very common. So while vigilance is important, not every change is necessarily caused by an underlying behavioral problem. But if these changes are interfering with their school, their relationships, and just their everyday life, it's important to seek professional help.

Significant changes to mood or behavior are worth examining, whether these changes are severe or persistent and if they occur in all settings.

Less outward signs of change are also worth mentioning to their doctor, such as a sudden and drastic change to their grooming, or a loss of interest in things and activities that once excited them.

Behavioral Health in Marion, VA

Take advantage of every visit to your child's pediatrician to discuss any changes of concern, be they physical or emotional. Both their physical and behavioral health can be treated by their Marion, VA, pediatrician. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Henley, Dr. Lawrence, and Dr. Etter of Royal Oak Pediatric Associates by dialing 276-783-8183.