By Royal Oak Pediatric Associates
January 06, 2021
Category: Children's Health

School and sports physicals help protect your child's health. In the Marion, VA, area, your pediatricians at Royal Oak Pediatric Associates, Drs. Anita Henley, Leesa Lawrence, and Tara Etter offer the physicals.

When are school and sports physicals needed?

A physical may be needed:

  • For enrollment in a school, daycare facility, or camp
  • If your child will be playing a school sport
  • To ensure that a sports injury has healed

Physicals can catch subtle changes in your child's health that could cause serious issues without treatment. Sports physicals are needed to ensure that your child is healthy enough to play sports.

What happens during a school or sports physical?

During your child's visit to the Marion pediatrics office, your son or daughter will receive an examination that may include:

  • Height, weight, temperature, pulse, and blood pressure measurements
  • Examination and evaluation of your child's lungs, heart, abdomen, eyes, ears, throat, and nose
  • A posture check
  • Basic hearing and vision screenings

Your child's pediatrician will also examine his or her joints and assess their flexibility and strength. Since unstable joints can increase your child's risk of injury when playing sports, this part of the examination is particularly important.

She'll also review the medications your son or daughter takes, make sure your child is up-to-date on immunizations, and ask questions about any chronic conditions and diseases, like diabetes, scoliosis, heart murmurs, or asthma.

Chronic conditions won't necessarily prevent your child from playing a sport. As long as the condition is properly managed and precautions are taken, it may be possible for your son or daughter to compete. In some cases, your child may not be approved for participation until treatment for a condition concludes or an injury heals completely.

During the visit, the doctor may also discuss the importance of wearing protective gear and following safe training practices. She can offer advice on healthy eating, the safest ways to maintain a healthy weight, and other issues that may concern young athletes.

Do your children need school and sports physicals? Call your Marion, VA, pediatricians, Drs. Anita Henley, Leesa Lawrence, and Tara Etter at (276) 783-8183to schedule an appointment.