By Royal Oak Pediatric Associate
December 16, 2016
Category: Children's Health
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An ADHD diagnosis can be a scary thing to hear for any parent. Luckily, ADHD is a treatable and manageable condition common in adhdschool-aged children. One of the best ways to understand ADHD is to arm yourself with knowledge about what it really is and familiarize yourself with its treatments. Learn more about ADHD with Royal Oak Pediatric Associates in Marion, VA.

What is ADHD? 
ADHD, short for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is most common in children and teens but can continue into the adult years. ADHD causes the sufferer to have trouble focusing, paying attention and sitting still. These behaviors often affect the home and social life and can cause trouble in the classroom as well. 

Does my child have ADHD? 
Diagnosing ADHD in children does not come down to any specific test. Instead, doctors gather information from several sources, including teachers, parents and schools. This is because problems must be present in more then one setting. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides guidelines and clinical practices for diagnosis to help your child’s doctor zero in on the details of the condition. Many times a child will need to have a sleep disorder, learning disability, and a behavioral problem ruled out first.

ADHD Treatment in Marion, VA 
The first line in treating ADHD is cognitive behavioral therapy which helps the child learn to manage their impulses and helps the parents and schools provide an optimal setting for them to learn. If this is unsuccessful, sometimes a doctor will  prescribe medication. These medications are classified as either stimulants or non-stimulants.  Therapy will focus on modifying behaviors and bettering social skills and this has proven effective in treating ADHD. Support groups for parents can be a great source of information and ideas for managing your child’s condition. Since ADHD often affects a child’s learning abilities, special tutors and school programs can help your child stay on track in their education.

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