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By Royal Oak Pediatric Associates
September 01, 2021
Category: Children's Health

Royal Oak Pediatric Associates provides school and sports physicals in Marion, and Abingdon, VA, for your children. Physicals and wellness visits by Dr. Anita Henley, Dr. Tara Etter, and nurse practitioners, Becky Ewald and Brittany Thomas are important to track your child's growth and development. Especially when your child plays sports, it's important to have regular physicals to see that they have healthy development and help prevent potential injuries.

What is a growth plate?

Growth plates are areas of new bone growth we see in children and adolescents. They are made of cartilage which is more porous and flexible than solid bone. Most growth plates are located at the end of some of the major bones in the body including the arms, legs, hands, and feet. Growth plates are usually on either end of the bone, and as a child matures it hardens into solid bone to add length and width to the bone. Most growth plates close, or harden into solid bone, by the end of puberty when a child fully matures. This is from ages 15-17 in boys and ages 13-15 in girls

Growth plate injuries

Growth plates are weaker than solid bone and are part of an overall immature skeletal system, so they are more prone to injury. When you get a school or sports physical in Marion, and Abingdon, VA, your doctor can advise you on the best way to prevent injuries when playing your sport of choice.

The most common growth plate injuries happen to the ankle, wrist, and knee growth plates when your child is active in sports. Most growth plate fractures heal and do not affect future bone growth, but sometimes a fracture in the growth plate can change the overall shape of the bone, making it crooked, or longer or shorter than expected. Your doctor can monitor any of these changes in the bone.

Royal Oak Pediatric Associates provides school and sports physicals in Marion, and Abingdon, VA, to help monitor your child's bone growth. To make an appointment with Dr. Henley, Dr. Etter, and nurse practitioners, Becky Ewald and Brittany Thomas contact us at (276) 783-8183 or (276) 525-4603.

By Royal Oak Pediatric Associates
January 06, 2021
Category: Children's Health

School and sports physicals help protect your child's health. In the Marion, VA, area, your pediatricians at Royal Oak Pediatric Associates, Drs. Anita Henley, Leesa Lawrence, and Tara Etter offer the physicals.

When are school and sports physicals needed?

A physical may be needed:

  • For enrollment in a school, daycare facility, or camp
  • If your child will be playing a school sport
  • To ensure that a sports injury has healed

Physicals can catch subtle changes in your child's health that could cause serious issues without treatment. Sports physicals are needed to ensure that your child is healthy enough to play sports.

What happens during a school or sports physical?

During your child's visit to the Marion pediatrics office, your son or daughter will receive an examination that may include:

  • Height, weight, temperature, pulse, and blood pressure measurements
  • Examination and evaluation of your child's lungs, heart, abdomen, eyes, ears, throat, and nose
  • A posture check
  • Basic hearing and vision screenings

Your child's pediatrician will also examine his or her joints and assess their flexibility and strength. Since unstable joints can increase your child's risk of injury when playing sports, this part of the examination is particularly important.

She'll also review the medications your son or daughter takes, make sure your child is up-to-date on immunizations, and ask questions about any chronic conditions and diseases, like diabetes, scoliosis, heart murmurs, or asthma.

Chronic conditions won't necessarily prevent your child from playing a sport. As long as the condition is properly managed and precautions are taken, it may be possible for your son or daughter to compete. In some cases, your child may not be approved for participation until treatment for a condition concludes or an injury heals completely.

During the visit, the doctor may also discuss the importance of wearing protective gear and following safe training practices. She can offer advice on healthy eating, the safest ways to maintain a healthy weight, and other issues that may concern young athletes.

Do your children need school and sports physicals? Call your Marion, VA, pediatricians, Drs. Anita Henley, Leesa Lawrence, and Tara Etter at (276) 783-8183to schedule an appointment.

By Royal Oak Pediatric Associates
June 26, 2020

Have you been wondering why your child needs to get a school physical each year?

About the time your child has to go back to school it’s always a good idea to schedule their school physical. This is something that should happen every year without fail and it may even be required before students can enter school or play in a school sport. So, why are school physicals so important? Our Marion, VA, pediatricians have the answer.

Protect Against Serious Illnesses

While it’s impossible to keep your child from ever getting sick, there are precautions you can take to ensure that many serious and life-threatening illnesses do not happen to them. How? By following the vaccine schedule laid out by your Marion, VA, children’s doctor. These annual exams make sure that your child is up-to-date on all vaccines to protect them, their classmates, and others in the community from severe diseases that still exist.

Be Preventative

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” During these school physicals, your child will receive a full examination to track their development and to make sure they are reaching certain developmental milestones. By tracking their progress early on, we can pinpoint potential issues right away and address them.

Protect Against Injury

Whether your child has asthma or has experienced broken bones in the past, their medical history can be very telling when it comes to whether or not they are healthy enough for certain physical activities. We can determine whether your child has injuries that may not have fully healed. This is important because we can talk to you and your child about things they can do to prevent injury (e.g. dynamic stretching and warm-ups; wearing protective gear) while playing sports. We can also determine whether your child is fit for the specific sports activity they want to participate in.

Don’t let your kid sit out on the sidelines until they get their physical. Make sure to schedule your child’s next appointment at Royal Oak Pediatric Associates in Marion, VA.

By Royal Oak Pediatric Associate
September 07, 2018

Child Sports PhysicalTeam sports are a great way for school aged children to maintain a healthy weight, socialize and make new friends, engage in healthy competition, achieve personal and team goals, and learn valuable skills and life lessons. But just like any activity that requires physical exertion and carries an inherent risk of even minor injuries, most schools and athletic programs will require that every child is healthy enough and able to participate before getting started. The pediatricians at Royal Oak Pediatric Associates Dr. Anita Henley, Dr. Tara Etter, and Dr. Leesa Lawrence offer school and sports physicals in Marion, VA, to help get your kids ready to play.

School and Sports Physicals in Marion, VA

Even if your child is in good health and has already undergone a standard check up or wellness check with their pediatrician, schools and athletic programs require comprehensive sports physicals to make sure that your child will be able to meet the physical demands of the program, and to minimize liability for potential injuries and accidents.

A sports physical typically covers the basics like checking vision, weight and height, basic reflexes, and blood pressure. Depending on the type of activity, they may also check for joint function and muscle strength and flexibility. If your child suffers from a health condition like asthma, diabetes, or is obese/overweight, getting a sports physical and following specific medical guidelines will be especially important (however underlying health conditions are not necessarily a deterrent to joining a sports team and getting necessary physical activity).

After the evaluation is complete and the pediatrician determines that it is safe for your child to participate, they will fill out the required forms or provide documentation to present to the school to get started.

Find a Pediatrician in Marion, VA

For more information about school and sports physicals and getting your child cleared to participate in a sport or physical activity, contact Royal Oak Pediatric Associates by calling (276) 783-8183 to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatricians today.