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By Royal Oak Pediatric Associate
July 09, 2019
Category: Children's Health
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Over 6 million children are affected by some type of allergy. That includes allergies to foods, substances in the air, and chemicals that come in contact with their skin. With reactions ranging from mild to life-threatening, these allergic reactions should be mediated by a pediatrician in order to keep your child in full health. Fortunately, the doctors at Royal Oak Pediatric Associates in Marion and Abingdon, VA, can help.

Allergies in Children
Young children are some of the most social beings in society, frequently spending time around other children, adults, and outdoor elements—it’s no wonder that they are often affected by allergic reactions! Some children have allergies to the pet dander and pollen that floats in the air (common in spring and summer), two common triggers that can cause hay fever, sinusitis, and other respiratory issues. Food allergies are also common in children, preventing them from eating certain foods, such as nuts, shellfish, or eggs without having swollen lips, facial swelling, breathing issues, or digestive disruptions.

Treating Children for Allergies
To help your child, it’s important that you thoroughly explain their symptoms to a pediatrician at either our Marion or Abingdon, VA. Afterward, the first thing your child’s doctor may recommend is an allergy test to determine the triggering substance. Other treatments may include antihistamine medication (prescribed by your doctor), decongestants, and immunotherapy treatments (allergy shots).

Reducing Allergic Reactions
There are also steps thatyou can take to reduce allergic reactions in your child and their frequency. The most important step is basic education—inform and educate your child about the allergy and what causes them to have the unwanted symptoms. Another tip is to do a sweep of your home to eliminate all potential allergens. This includes tossing away certain detergents/soaps, clearing the fridge of foods that contain unfavorable ingredients, cleaning up pet hair, and wiping down walls or floors that may be covered in pollen. Also, make sure to close windows to avoid allowing pollen and other allergens into the home.

A Pediatrician Can Help
It’s best to be proactive about treating and controlling your child’s allergy symptoms. Schedule a visit with Dr. Anita Henley, Dr. Leesa Lawrence, or Dr. Tara Etter at Royal Oak Pediatric Associates in Marion and Abingdon, VA, by calling (276) 783-8183 today.

By Royal Oak Pediatric Associate
May 27, 2016
Category: Children's Health
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Along with warm weather and beautiful flowers, spring brings with it the ever-dreaded allergy season where sneezing, runny noses and allergiesitchy eyes run rampant. Are you and your children prepared? Learn more about preventing allergy attacks using allergy shots with help from your Marion, VA pediatrician.

How does an allergy shot work? 
Allergy shots build the body’s immunity to certain allergens and, over time, prevent or decrease the reactions associated with them. Allergy shots also help prevent flare-ups in children with asthma. Allergy shots contain a purified form of an allergen which is injected into the body by your doctor. Over the course of several months, the allergy shot’s strength is built up incrementally. Once the doses contain the highest safe amount of allergen, a maintenance dose given every 3 to 5 years helps keep allergic reactions away for the long run.

When is an allergy shot necessary? 
Most allergy tests use either a skin or blood test to determine the cause of allergic reactions. Skin tests can take the form of a prick test, intradermal test, or skin patch test. These tests use a small amount of various allergens placed onto the skin. Your doctor judges the skin’s reaction to the allergen to determine if the patient is allergic. A blood test examines the blood for antibodies, which the body creates in response to an allergy. While blood tests are less sensitive than skin tests, they are still effective in determining the presence of an allergy.

How can my Marion pediatrician help? 
Your pediatrician at Royal Oaks Pediatric Associates can perform an allergy test to determine if an allergy shot is necessary. If so, your doctor can work with you to develop the best treatment plan for your child. Allergy relief could be just a simple phone call away.

For more information on allergy shots for your child, please contact Dr. Anita B. Henley and Dr. George "Jeff" Jones at Royal Oaks Pediatric Associates in Marion, VA. Call (276) 783-8183 to schedule an allergy test or shot for your child today!